Livewell/Baitwell Pump


Livewell/Baitwell Pumps
Features & Benefits
Built-in dual port option

Water cooled housing

Positive snap motors Industrial Leads
Cartridge locking mechanism
Size: 350, 600, and 800 gph in 12 volt version
Easy clean snap-lock strainer bases
3/4" thread allows for multiple connection options
Extended long nozzle to accept 3 hose clamps
90 degree threaded 3/4" hose-to-barb connector

Straight threaded 3/4" hose-to-barb connector

SF NO.  Flow rateVolts Current Head Wire lead Outlet Dia N.W/G.W
SF50180-1 350GPH 12V    1.0A 3.0m 1m 19mm/3/4'' 0.4/0.5kg
SF50180-2 600GPH 12V    3.0A 3.5m 1m 19mm/3/4'' 0.4/0.5kg
SF50180-3 800GPH 12V    4.0A 4.0m 1m 19mm/3/4'' 0.4/0.5kg


Typical Applications MOTOR
Marine Type
RV & Campers Compact, efficient, long life motor
Industrial Leads
Pu mp 18 AWG, 1 m long Leads
Liquid Temperature Temperature Limits
110°F (43 C) Max. 110 F (43 C) Max.
Priming Capabilities Duty Cycle
Not needed floodedsuction Intermittent
Power Voltage
3.5 amps max current draw 12v
Max Pressure
Not needed

SF NO.   Flow rate Volts Current Head Wire lead Outlet Dia N.W/G.W
SF50181-1 350GPH 12V 1.0A 3.0m 1m 19mm/3/4'' 0.42/0.58kg
SF50181-2 600GPH 12V 3.0A 3.5m 1m 19mm/3/4'' 0.42/0.58kg
SF50181-3 800GPH 12V 4.0A 4.0m 1m 19mm/3/4'' 0.42/0.58kg

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